You Have to Win the Game


Travel through the past jumping from platform to platform


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You Have to Win the Game is a platform game with a marked retro aesthetic that'll take you right back to the eighties to enjoy a platform adventure like those of yesteryear, with matching graphics and everything.

The game, which usually lasts no more than an hour if you're moderately adept with the platforms, will take you through loads of danger-filled scenes where you have to dodge enemies and traps in equal measure while trying to make it to the adventure's end.

The point of the game, as its name indicates, is to win. And while you're not looking at one of the most difficult platformers to be found on the indie scene, it does involve a considerable challenge.

One of the most appealing things about You Have to Win the Game is obviously its graphics, which emulate the old-school titles down to including an antique monitor frame. This detail will certainly bring on the nostalgia for more than one veteran gamer.

You Have to Win the Game is a splendid platform game, and even without offering anything particularly novel it still offers an excellent experience for anyone looking for a good platformer to test their skills.
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